We launched our own magazine to make sure you are always up to date: EN LÍNEA is Paraty Tech Inside Out

Daniel Romero

Two years ago our Commercial Director, Silvia Muñoz, had a great idea. Today, that initiative has evolved into our own magazine. The best way to always feel connected to the life of Paraty Tech, to always be up to date, online.


It emerged as an internal circular. As a company's staff grows, it becomes increasingly difficult for everyone to be aware of the many things that happen behind and behind closed doors. If you also have your base of operations in another city, the task becomes complicated to unsuspected limits. That is precisely the case of Silvia Muñoz, our Commercial Director. Located in Barcelona, she felt that she was often out, that interesting things were missing, that she was the last to find out the news. She then proposed the creation of a publication that would allow her to feel hooked on the day-to-day life of the office, that would make it easier for her to always be online.

Over the last two years, that original idea has matured, like the wines, until pushing us to the following conclusion: if it interests any of us, it interests you too. After all, we are part of the same team, right?

Published quarterly, ONLINE magazine is Paraty Tech in its purest form: news, developments, infographics, articles, curiosities and anecdotes, new features, websites in production, presentation of the team... All our activity at your service in a comfortable and attractive.

This first issue has been quite a challenge, but the satisfaction of finally seeing the light of day is unquestionable and, above all, we feel that the extraordinary result invites us to be very optimistic about the future. We know that ONLINE will grow, also nourished by the opinions of other professionals in the sector, incorporating your criticisms and suggestions, including a greater volume of information of interest, evolving, ultimately, until it becomes a key piece of our communication.

Well, all we have to do is say... Enjoy!