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Transfers & Experiences is dedicated to the sale of destination experiences (theme parks, excursions, tailor-made experiences, etc.) and transfer services, and combines B2C and B2B business models. To date, it is the latest company to join the Paratyworld group.

An important step in its trajectory has been the development of its own API, which facilitates and speeds up the incorporation and connection of new suppliers and destinations to its offer. But the real qualitative leap has been its direct integration with the Paraty Tech booking engine, which has led the latter to become the first engine in the market to offer the sale of experiences at source with immediate confirmation.

When a hotel is interested in the service, this integration allows users of the hotel's official website to contract all the products in its catalog as if it were an additional service. In addition, a section/shop with the hotel's logo (white label service) is enabled, allowing the staff to sell experiences to their guests also during their stay.

As a result, the hotel avoids tedious negotiations with each supplier, greatly improves the service offered to its guests, who can book a transfer or buy an excursion at the same time they book their accommodation, and incorporates an additional source of income, by commissioning for each sale generated.
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