Paraty World

The hotel exclusive call center of the Paratyworld group

Founded in 2019, Ring2Travel is an exclusive call center for hotels and tourist accommodations that emerged as the natural evolution of the web assistance telephone service that Paraty Tech had been providing to its customers before its birth. Since the Pandemic, the voice channel has continued to grow and is currently one of the central pillars of hotel direct sales, in some cases representing up to 25% of the total.

This channel, which due to its opaque nature, allows the implementation of ad-hoc revenue management strategies, contributes to omni-channeling with extraordinary conversion rates, far above those of any other online channel.

With 98% of calls answered, its specialized agents present themselves to the guest as hotel staff, and attend to the caller in up to 5 languages, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
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