Collaborating for an even more magical Christmas

Daniel Romero
They are special dates and they awaken in each of us our most supportive side. Christmas is coming.

Unfortunately, the figures speak for themselves: in Spain, there are 2.6 million minors at risk of poverty and social exclusion. Practically, one in every three children in our country.

For this reason, we have committed to contributing our grain of sand thanks to the Árbol de los Sueños. This is an initiative of CaixaBank and the NGO Prodiversa that aims to make possible the wish of some of these children who, otherwise, would find it difficult to receive the gift they want at Christmas, due to the scarcity of economic resources of his family. Specifically, there are almost 28,000 children in vulnerable situations.

This time of year invites you to... try to help. Something that we have been able to verify through the collaborative spirit of our colleagues. And, for the first time, Paratyworld has joined this wonderful initiative with a contribution of 25 gifts. 25 letters, from 25 children who, at least in 2023, will see their wish list satisfied.

More than 50 people from the Paratyworld group have helped make the dreams of Wasima, Mariam, Mohamed, Adam, Janant, Oscar... and many others come true, contributing to making Christmas and the magic of Christmas shine even brighter these days.

Thank you very much to the entire team and happy holidays.