Paratyworld hires Miguel Pretel, former CEO of BeSoccer, as CFO

Daniel Romero
Miguel Pretel

Paratyworld has confirmed the incorporation of Miguel Pretel, former CEO of BeSoccer, as CFO or financial director.

His arrival coincides with a key moment for hotel technology, which this year completes a decade of experience focused on the development of technological solutions aimed at increasing direct sales of hotels, hotel chains and other types of tourist accommodation.

Miguel Pretel has held various positions of responsibility mainly associated with accounting and finance in various entities, highlighting his time at Price Waterhouse Coopers (a member of the Big Four), Acotral, the Illustrious Official College of Nursing of Malaga and, more recently, BeSoccer, where he started as CFO until he ended up occupying the position of CEO in his last stage.

It should be remembered that Paraty Tech is the parent company of the Paratyworld group (completed by Ring2Travel, Data Seekers and Transfers & Experiences), a conglomerate of technology companies that operates mainly in the tourism sector, but has also been able to find fields of application for its tools price control and catalog in the world of ecommerce.

According to the words of Gina Matheis, CEO of the company, this new incorporation meets the need to order, professionalize economic management and optimize the profitability of the different business verticals of the group, ten years after its founding, throughout which they have increased their workforce and their portfolio, to over 120 employees and 3000 clients respectively.

For his part, Miguel assures that this new adventure, which responds to a personal interest in diversification and professional growth, constitutes a very motivating challenge, but also entails great responsibility, as it is a highly consolidated group, with a high degree of digitization , in which the introduction of possible changes must be undertaken in a very gradual and thoughtful way so as not to alter the formula that has led Paraty Tech and the rest of the group companies to position themselves as leaders in their segments.