Paraty Fantastic League

Florempepino rises with the title of the Paraty Fantastic League 22/23

Daniel Romero
Coinciding with the start of the 22/23 season of the First Division professional soccer league, the Paraty Fantastic League also began. 14 seasoned managers willing to demonstrate their ability to win the day in this new installment of the competition, full of new participants, such as Néstor (NestorTrivi) or Óscar (Racso_ml), firmly determined to cough in the face of more seasoned veterans in this type of lindes, like Nacho (with his Florempepino team), Daniel (DaniCreativo), Juan (jzz) and Curro (Curo #gggg#.

Thus began the first day, after 3 weeks of market movements, with a lot of homework to do in the squads, but with the rookie Rasco_ml leading the standings thanks to good scores from Griezmann, "Panda" Iglesias and Carlos Soler (who in the end he would end up leaving for PSG in the middle of the season), closely followed by Alejandro (AlitoDePollo) and Selu (Ardinsello).

However, matchday 2 would set the trend for the coming months, featuring victories, matchday after matchday, for both Genaro Ivan Gattuso (Juanma) and AlitoDePollo. A general trend that would be maintained throughout the first round.

When it seemed that it would be a matter of two, Florempepino was reborn to win 5 consecutive days, from 17 to 21, getting dangerously close to the top of the standings, expanding the list of possible potential winners to 4, increasingly detached from the rest.

After an unforgivable miscalculation by NestorTrivi , who decided to "go on vacation" for two days in the middle of the Christmas campaign, failing to score during them, he made up for his hazing with the firm determination not to throw in the towel prematurely, rising with three victories between days 24 and 27, bringing his team even closer to the head of the pack, leaving in an anecdote the bad streak of the first moments of the disputed second round of the competition. At this point, Genaro Ivan Gatusso and AlitoDePollo continued to occupy the first two places, although not as comfortably as before the start of the World Cup in Qatar.

Thus came the final stretch. On matchday 33, with a Florempepino unleashed and in clear ascent (in fact, it had climbed to the lead a few days before, after the loss of bellows by AlitoDePollo and Gatusso), NestorTrivi hit the table, breaking the record of points per matchday throughout the season (85), thus confirming the good work of his base team, made up of Atlético de Madrid players, who were the best in the second round. It was the moment of the roller coaster, and on matchday 34 a new change of leader was confirmed, after another good day for NestorTrivi who, for the first time, touched the sky of the table. The emotion was served!

The last days were not suitable for the faint of heart. While AlitoDePollo and Gattuso fell and were in the slipstream of the first two, no one lost sight of the fact that only an outstanding day from any of them could put them back in the thick of things. Meanwhile, we reached matchday 36, in which a choral performance from Florempepino' team, led by Pepe Reina's 14 points, gave him back the lead, with a 12-point advantage over his direct pursuer, NestorTrivi , in the absence of only two more dates to go.

Matchday 37 was in a draw, with a technical tie at 45 points between the first two, who were going to the final matchday, with everything still to be decided. And we come to the end! The first matches of La Liga, in which the last access to European competition and the runner-up position were at stake, put everything in the face of NestorTrivi , who took over the provisional leadership, thanks to the goal scored by Atlético Correa . But there was still the second part, 45 interminable minutes that could turn out to be antagonistic, during which the teams that were fighting not to lose their category would play everything for everything. And within Celta de Vigo, who was playing against the already proclaimed champion, Barça, there was a youngster who, after a bad spell, decided to take out his thorn and end up in style by scoring a double. This young man, named Gabri Veiga, and his 20 points in the final day, gave Florempepino the lead and, therefore, the championship, in the most disputed Paraty Fantastic League to date.

Congratulations Nacho! What a season finale...