We have passed 50 but we are still just as young... Thank you and Happy Holidays!

Daniel Romero

Like every year, last Friday, December 20, we celebrated our Christmas lunch, preceded by the now traditional Invisible Friend. Obviously, the photo of the entire team could not be missing. That's when we reflect, look at the sky and, both literally and metaphorically, we think... it's rained a lot!

And no wonder, we almost have to use the wide angle. In just seven years, we have changed offices five times, we have gone from one hotel in our portfolio (by the way, you are still with us) to more than three thousand, from having a presence in one country (ours) to expanding throughout the globe, from just one employee to more than 50.

All this, without losing that youthful spirit that characterizes us (we veterans are barely over forty), nor the enthusiasm that allows us to continue dedicating all our energy to the profession to which we owe ourselves, now, in an almost irremediable way: to serve you unconditionally. , hoteliers and hoteliers, because you have given us absolutely everything.

Today we want, therefore, to thank you for another fantastic year. We also want to wish you happy holidays and a prosperous new year, something that we already did last week out of humor, and that we are doing again now out of feeling. In any case, although the means vary, the end and the message are common: let's take care of direct sales, let's take care of our environment.

We take this opportunity to share with you some photographs that constitute the best example of the climate that we have been able to build and preserve over recent years. Smiles, good vibes, friendship, complicity and an almost family atmosphere. More evident, if possible, during Christmas. See you in 2020!