We continue to grow and diversify services with the incorporation of Transfers & Experiences to the Paratyworld group

Daniel Romero
Transfers & Experiences

Transfers & Experiences joins Paratyworld in what represents a new strategic alliance for the group, with the aim of continuing to diversify and strengthen our range of services for hotels and hotel chains.

  • The company Transfers & Experiences centralizes all non-hotel activities of the destination, including excursions, tickets, transfers, experiences, and car rentals, in a single booking platform with B2B and B2C variants.

  • Fully integrated with Paraty Tech solutions and ready to integrate with other market booking engines, this new service offers hoteliers an extra dose of convenience, loyalty, and profitability.

Booking non-hotel services has traditionally been a headache for both the staff and guests of tourist accommodations. Delays in booking confirmations, lack of technical support, uncertainties in recommending or hiring certain services, or recurring gaps in the overall purchasing process are just some of the problems faced by both travelers and reception and sales teams in different types of tourist establishments.

These shortcomings were very apparent to David Gil, former professional basketball player and CEO of Transfers & Experiences, who, five years ago, identified this need and perfectly addressed it by creating a unique platform: "the market niche was there, we just had to be quick to anticipate potential competitors, and in this sense, the agility of reaction, rigor, and discipline, clear heritage from my time as an elite athlete, were decisive in getting to work and finding a solution in record time."

"The market niche was there; we just had to be quick to anticipate potential competitors." David Gil, CEO of Transfers & Experiences

Five years later, this company that has not stopped growing since its inception takes a giant step in its expansion process by joining the Paratyworld group. According to Gina Matheis, CEO of Paraty Tech, "we are delighted with the addition of Transfers & Experiences to our family, as it represents a qualitative leap for our booking engine and a continuity in our philosophy of making life easier for hoteliers, providing them with resources and tools that improve their daily lives, contribute to their profitability, and increase their direct sales."

Transfers & Experiences, a company that stands out from its competitors

The addition of Transfers & Experiences to the Paraty World group represents a qualitative leap and continuity in our philosophy of making life easier for hoteliers. Gina Matheis, CEO of Paraty Tech

The main characteristic of the Paratyworld group is the eminently technological profile of the companies that make it up (Paraty Tech, Data Seekers, Ring2Travel, and Turobsever), with all of them developing their tools and solutions internally, resulting in no dependence on third parties. This accelerates decision-making and substantially reduces implementation times for any improvements or product updates, such as their booking engine, revenue management tools, or big data platform for smart destinations.

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Therefore, Gina and David agree that this technological potential will precisely favor the rapid transformation of a great idea, such as Transfers & Experiences, into a profitable and essential service for hotels nationwide. They see this merger as the perfect opportunity for hoteliers to get rid of issues that brought them more troubles than joys while gaining points in terms of guest loyalty: "for the hotelier, this new service represents fundamentally three advantages: convenience, loyalty, and profitability. While their guests perceive an improvement in the hotel's services, they will earn additional income through commissions for sales that often they won't even have to manage," David continues.

For the hotelier, this new service represents fundamentally three advantages: convenience, loyalty, and profitability. David Gil, CEO of Transfers & Experiences

The catalog of Transfers & Experiences ranges from booking popular and traditional excursions to hiring a private transfer service, purchasing tickets for events like the Starlite in Marbella, renting vehicles, or customizing the most exclusive experiences. In Gina's words, "we will inject two of our main hallmarks, in-house technology and customer service, to make Transfers & Experiences an exclusive product, 100% integrated with the hotel's website, engine, and physical facilities, which, thanks to our white-label format, will take center stage without taking risks or assuming investments."
We will inject into Transfers & Experiences two of our main hallmarks: in-house technology and customer service. Gina Matheis, CEO of Paraty Tech