Daily healthy buffet

This is the Paratyworld All Inclusive project

Daniel Romero
We are not a restaurant, but we do have a healthy daily buffet. We are not baristas, but caffeine is on us. We are not a language school, but we teach English classes. We are not a hotel, but the team is our guest. We are not a home, but we strive to make people feel at home. We are not family, but we share the Paraty DNA. This is the Paratyworld All-Inclusive project, called to ensure that the new normality far exceeds the usual one.

Healthy habits, motivation and interaction: the All Inclusive project advances

We have always emphasized that the growth of Paratyworld has occurred in a very natural way, drawing a constant upward trajectory, but without major peaks and, above all, without declines. This organic increase, of clients and colleagues, has traditionally favored the smooth integration of new incorporations, who have experienced the sensation of joining a solid and close group, in which everyone knew each other well and got along with each other. a thousand wonders, which has greatly facilitated the onboarding processes.

Ten years, six offices, five companies, more than three thousand clients and a pandemic later, already on the way to reaching one hundred workers, the Paratyworld All-Inclusive project not only continues, but has somehow accelerated, probably, by the urgency of leaving behind the difficulties and frustrations experienced over the last two years.

The imposition of social distance and teleworking minimized the interaction between colleagues. Some have not even spoken to each other yet, something unthinkable five years ago, and office life, that day-to-day life so typical of ours, full of anecdotes and a sense of humor, was radically limited.

The good news is that, finally, signs of recovery are beginning to show. In fact, last September we were able to resume our Motivation Day and, although Omicron stole our December lunch, next May we will celebrate our long-awaited “No Christmas” lunch. Good manners return.

"Work on what you like and you will never have to work again" said Confucius. Great truth. And this is precisely what Paratyworld's All-Inclusive pursues, favoring healthy habits, generating motivation and fostering interaction. Because "working on what you like" goes far beyond performing certain functions. It is, in reality, a concept that has to do with well-being in the work environment, with the stimuli we receive during the day, with recognition, companionship, accessibility or conciliation. With the economic salary, of course, but also with the emotional one. "Working on what you like" is equivalent to getting up every morning wanting to go to the office and, for this, we have been gradually implementing initiatives that help to awaken and reinforce these sensations that are so important to perform at ease.

Daily healthy buffet: our most ambitious commitment to date

Years ago we understood coffee as a basic need for a good part of the team. So much so, that the "Work with us" section of our website recommends not forgetting to bring the cup, because the coffee is on us.

Shortly after adding caffeine as standard, we identified another concern: the desire to learn languages. Today, English classes are also a reality, taught by a qualified teacher who travels to our facilities four days a week to teach them. Quite a privilege, wow.

Healthy buffet Paraty Tech
Paratyworld's daily healthy buffet

But, without a doubt, the great revolution has come with our most ambitious commitment to date: the free daily healthy buffet for the whole team, with two starters, seconds and desserts to choose from. We are aware that it never rains to everyone's taste... The return to the 100% face-to-face format is not as easy for some as it is for others. With this initiative, we hope to achieve a triple objective:

  • First, motivate. The buffet is a great incentive in terms of comfort, but also economic savings. Forget about the tuppers, and the price of gasoline, is now something easier.

  • Second, encourage good eating habits. It is a healthy buffet, with vegan options, fish, meat and fruit in all its services.

  • Third, contribute to social interaction. If we eat together again, we will also talk and interact more. All these factors participate in the cohesion of the teams.

  • What is to come... Sometimes dreams end up coming true

    Paratyworld All Inclusive is a living project. The only thing that we are very clear about is that we will continue to make an effort to contribute to the well-being of the entire team and to become a magnet for talent.

    At Paratyworld we aspire to be a benchmark in the creation of healthy and healthy work environments, from all points of view. In this sense, we leave the doors open and only time will tell what the future holds for us.