The second issue of En Línea magazine is here

Daniel Romero

The Online adventure continues. We now present the issue corresponding to the second quarter of 2019. The positive comments we received after the launch of our magazine have pushed us to continue working on it even more eagerly.


In this number you will find:
  • Birth of Ring2Travel, Customer Experience Center
  • Most read post: Expedia Matcher
  • Our time at Tecnohotel Forum and ITH Innovation Summit
  • New websites in production
  • New features
  • Team: development and layout
  • Anecdotes from our office

We can tell you up to this point. Below we leave you with a brief preview. Continue reading or not, it's up to you:

It may be because of the heat, or because of the flowers, or because the days are longer... or perhaps it is simply due to the launch of our Customer Experience Center, which is here to stay and revolutionize the panorama of the so-called Call or Contact. Center. The fact is that in those months preceding the summer period, there is no doubt that the general feeling of optimism has had a direct impact on the increase in the number of reservations, shooting the figures above the annual average and the same period last year. The second quarter of 2019 has been marked by international travel, sponsorships and, of course, the expansion of services and the qualitative leap of what until now we all knew as our telephone web assistance service, which has now acquired autonomy and life of their own, under the Ring2Travel brand. This office, the one we occupied back in July 2017, with words bouncing off the walls generating the typical deafening echo of newcomers, today is once again too small, while we study the possible avenues for expansion that the building.
Online Introduction No. 2, Paraty Tech