The Caribbean, protagonist of No. 9 of En Linea, our digital magazine

Daniel Romero

More external collaborations than ever fill the pages of No. 9 of En Línea


The first issue of 2022 of En Línea, No. 9 in the general count, arrives full of external collaborations: Jaime Chicheri, Paloma Cambero, Miguel Eaktai, Santi Migueles, Elena Mateos... Unpublished articles and all the activity of Paraty World during the first quarter of the year.

The first quarter of the year has been intense. Between the opening of our new office in Cancun, our participation in countless events, the organization of the Sales & Tales Caribbean Hoteliers Summit and the 75 new booking engines uploaded to production, we have hardly been aware that four months have already passed us by of 2022. And when you have fun doing what you do, time flies.

There is a substantial change in this number. A few months ago we decided to open the doors to professionals from different fields of tourism, giving them the opportunity to express themselves through an article on the topic they considered appropriate. On the one hand, this initiative gives even more value to the publication, by including unpublished and exclusive content. On the other hand, it makes available to multiple players a showcase that will be visible to an audience of around 10,000 people, including social networks, newsletters, blogs and other usual communication channels.

As expected, there have been many who have taken the baton and provided us with truly interesting texts on economics, revenue management, direct sales, distribution... We are very grateful to them and we hope that they take advantage of their collaboration.


  • Report: Sales & Tales Caribbean Hoteliers Summit
  • The voice of the experts: Economy, revenue, direct sales, distribution
  • The Paraty World Blog: The most read articles of the last 4 months
  • News: Other notable news from the first quarter of 2022
  • New websites and engines: 36 websites and 74 new engines in production
  • Latest features: Paraty Hotel Manager continues to add improvements
  • Success Stories Series 1: VIK Hotels
  • Paraty World Live: Return to the old normality
As always, you decide: read it online on our Issuu channel, or download it to your computer, in PDF format, to take it wherever you want.