Paratyworld's Motivation Day: four groups, one great team

Daniel Ronero
Motivation Day

Like every year around this time, on September 27 we celebrated our traditional Motivation Day. A day to disconnect, escape, hang out and enjoy.

Paratyworld has not stopped growing since its birth in 2012 and initiatives like this also serve for veterans to boast and boast about their condition, while the new ones suffer the consequences of the harsh initiation ritual: the unavoidable round of jokes, microphone in hand , during the two hours that the one-way bus trip usually lasts. The worse the joke, the greater the acceptance and popular clamor. Without a doubt, a good way to break the ice, relieve tension and help you feel integrated from the first moment.

On this occasion the place chosen was none other than Wakana, in the heart of the Alcornocales Natural Park (Cádiz), located on a lake with three islands. "One of the most magical and protected natural enclaves of antiquity," they explain on their website.

Although, from experience, we are all clear, since the least important thing is the what and the where, and that above all else what matters is the with whom, we did not dislike the paella, nor the salad, nor nor to the cool drinks with which the resort staff welcomed us. We made the most of the controversial open bar, because the sun was shining hard and we had to gain strength for the subsequent activities.

The kayak and the innocent team building games that they had prepared for us served to confirm once again that, in general, we do not like to lose even our caps. In every hoop to shoot, in every ball to kick, in every bottle to knock down, we gave it our all, cheering and pushing like there was no tomorrow. Who winner? We will never know.

And for example, a "photon" (or several).