ParatySpringParty: our long-awaited “No Christmas” lunch

Daniel Romero
After 2 years of blank due to well-known health reasons, finally, last Friday, May 13th, we were able to gather again, faces and mouths uncovered, to celebrate our long-awaited "Non-Christmas" lunch. It was a meeting that was supposed to take place in December, but nobody minded it being in spring. Short sleeves, sunglasses, and sweats replaced coats, chattering teeth, and Santa hats. The #ParatySpringParty, the largest of our celebrations to date, stretched well into the early hours of the morning, thanks to the attitude and eagerness of over a hundred people who radiated happiness, camaraderie, good vibes, and a sense of humor.

Barracuda Rooftop, the perfect setting

Frutos Restaurant, MS Maestranza Hotel, Lombok, Los Tres Tenores Restaurant, Alay Hotel... The chosen venues for our traditional company lunch have been many and varied over the years. This time, we once again opted for the facilities of a client who has been with us for a long time, the Hotel La Barracuda, and more specifically, its spectacular terrace, Barracuda Rooftop. According to their website, it is "a space designed for you to enjoy a cocktail alone, with family or friends, while contemplating the sea of the Costa del Sol, accompanied by our live performances." We fully subscribe to each of these words: spectacular views, exquisite cuisine, anything but a professional atmosphere, drinks aplenty, and a helpful DJ who livened up the evening by playing along with the evolution of our mood and the rhymes of our in-house rapper, Miguel de Haro. His improvised chorus will be remembered: "If I say Paraty, you say Tech: Paraty... Tech! Paraty... Tech!" Simply legendary.

The Paraty family keeps growing

The latest count, just over a week ago, is astonishing... We are now 108 members in the Paratyworld family. A number that makes it increasingly challenging to choose a venue for this type of celebration, but, on the other hand, it greatly contributes to making them memorable. We won't make the imprudence of sharing the complete album because what happens at our parties stays at our parties... even if we're not in Las Vegas. But it's a pleasure to let you take a peek through the keyhole to witness the aura that usually surrounds us, both inside and outside the office. Our relationship undoubtedly goes beyond being just coworkers and extends to being life and experience companions. As evidence, here's a "snapshot" (or several)...