INTERVIEW - 7 years of activity have gone a long way and our CEO, Gina Matheis, tells us about it

Daniel Romero

Taking advantage of the Special Fitur Edition of the first issue of the year of Tecnohotel magazine, which also released an image, Gina Matheis delves into the evolution of Paraty Tech and the sector

Below we provide you with the link to the Tecnohotel interview with Gina Matheis, on the occasion of our presence at Fitur 2019. At Paraty Tech we have already accumulated more than five years of experience focused on helping hotels, hotel chains and tourist establishments in general to increase direct sales through its official website.

Technological solutions have meant a before and after in direct sales

A period of activity during which we have been able to be faithful to the idea with which we began our journey: a vocation for service that translates into offering comprehensive coverage for all the needs that arise in the tourism sector, derived, among other reasons. , of the emergence of new distribution models.

Interview Gina Matheis at Tecnohotel, Special Edition Fitur, January 2019

Appealing to our in-house technology as the main fundamental value, it is this that has enabled us to always offer the maximum response capacity in the shortest possible time, as well as adapt to market changes and, therefore, to the needs of customers. establishments.

Having its own technology speeds up the ability to respond to certain situations in which the hotelier needs immediacy

Our motto has always been "start by doing the possible, and you will end by doing the impossible." A way of thinking that has brought us here, has made us pioneers within the sector and has also led us, among many other things, to establish Data Seekers, our technological spin off, focused on non-hotel tourism companies. Who was going to tell us in 2012?

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