A question of talent or… talent management?

Daniel Romero

The common denominator in most selection processes is the fact of being exposed to the typical recurring dilemmas that force you to make a forced choice, to decide whether to bet on training or experience, on pure talent or on hard work. . To choose, in short, between a demonstrable qualification or an overwhelming learning capacity.

Obviously, it would be desirable to be able to sit regularly in front of candidates who combine all these qualities, but let's not fool ourselves. The ideal profile of the revenue manager of the present that we have had to live in should be up to date on everything related to the technological offer, know the online habits of the different types of travelers, have extensive experience in the hotel sector, understand of marketing, knowing how to sell, anticipating, looking with perspective and, in addition to all this, being prepared to innovate, maintaining a proactive and assertive attitude, alert, permanently aware of the changes that this very dynamic market is experiencing. Does this figure really exist? And if so, are you really looking for a job?

We cannot ignore our startup spirit, a condition that in itself marks a certain path, a way of proceeding and thinking, and shapes an environment in which, on the worker's side, the human factor takes on almost all of the importance. prominence, and on the employer's side, the emotional salary becomes a highly valued currency with which the economic remuneration is completed, through the generation of a favorable climate for work development, in which we actively participate.

Revenue Managers Team, Paraty Tech

We are firmly committed to the attitude of our revenue managers and respond by nurturing it, from the first moment, through instruction and the assignment of motivating responsibility tasks. Making them feel indispensable as soon as they arrive is essential. We also facilitate attendance at courses, we promote in-house training days, we suggest subscribing to specialized blogs and listening to both gurus and presumed eminences, as well as the competition.

Naturally, we value the professional background that our incorporations carry, it would be unfair not to do so, however, we recognize that we are not as clear about the revenue profile that we are looking for, as the person profile that we are pursuing.

To give an example, someone who comes from the sector, exercising a position similar to the one they come to perform here, may arrive conditioned by the rigidity imposed by the most widespread theories. On the contrary, a candidate who is not so pigeonholed can provide new blood while still incorporating the current methodology once with us. Qualification can generate doubts, human quality cannot.

In our opinion, talent can take the most varied forms, and a marked upward evolution curve can be a good representation of it. That is why we never forget that the first to favor it must be us. We are proud to have the best team of workers possible.