Online Magazine: first issue of 2020, Coronavirus Special

Daniel Romero

The first 2020 issue of our magazine arrives loaded with news. Dedicated entirely to Covid19, the first relevant change is its periodicity, which goes from quarterly to four-monthly, to accommodate the month of April, especially active in relation to the pandemic.


Our digital publication En Línea reappears in 2020 and does so with many interesting changes. First of all, we want to thank Joanne Clairoll Abellar, Web Designer at Paraty Tech , for giving us this wonderful cover. An illustration created for the occasion, very representative of the situation that we have had to live through, about which a nuance that deserves special mention can already be seen: Paraty World, the umbrella brand that, from now on, will provide shelter to all the companies of the group , makes his first public appearance.

Since the creation of the magazine a year ago, we have not stopped striving to progressively add value to its contents. Today we take a giant step in this regard with the incorporation of the "Special Guest" section, which has been commissioned by the enormous Simón Barreiro, from the Barceló Hotel Group. His article “Post-Covid19 Panorama” is a must-read, unpublished and written exclusively for us. We take our hats off.

In addition, we have also improved usability, inserting links, so that you can access all the content (articles, features and developments, web projects, etc.) in their original location. Below we summarize everything you will find in this edition.


  • Report : Covid19 has changed everything
  • Developments and Resources : the three companies of the group pitch in
  • Special Guest : Simón Barreiro, Post-Covid19 Panorama
  • The 4 phases of de-escalation : dates, obligations and rights
  • : our blog, one more victim of the pandemic
  • News : other notable news from the first quarter
  • Websites in production : the Paraty Tech factory does not stop its machines
  • Paratyworld Live : this is the day-to-day life of Paratyworld, we tell you everything
As always, you decide: read it online on our Issuu channel, or download it to your computer, in PDF format, to take it wherever you want.